Tour d'Argent Tokyo



Step through the dignified navy-colored entrance where French elegance and history-laden heirlooms greet you. The décor in various areas of the restaurant is themed around different ages and important events in French history which Tour d'Argent took part in. A visit to our premises will be a journey through the narrative of this most colorful establishment throughout the heritage of French culinary culture.


The navy color of the entrance area symbolizes the Bourbon dynasty of the 17th to early 19th century. Adorning the walls here are autographs by members of the Imperial and Royal families from around the world, as well as international celebrities that have visited Tour d'Argent Tokyo.


The décor of the entrance hall is themed around the ages of Louis XIV and Louis XVI. The centerpiece here is the table setting from the historic dinner of the three emperors. Antique tableware from that time are arranged to reenact the dinner table at which Alexander II, Czar of the Russian Empire, along with his son the Czarevitch and future Alexander III, Wilhelm I, King of Prussia and cousin of Alexander II, and future Emperor and the Prince Otto von Bismarck enjoyed an extravagant meal consisting of 16 courses and eight wines, lasting over eight hours. Another artefact exhibited here in the entrance hall is the two-pronged fork, an archetype of the now-familiar utensil from the age in which it was first introduced to France by King Henry III.


The walls of the bar are bedecked with portraits of kings and nobility, all important figures from the Renaissance period who contributed to the history of French gastronomy. The calm serenity of the chamber embraces you as you spend a moment before your dinner with an aperitif, or sit back and relax with a post-meal cocktail or cigar.


An elegantly decorated room with a spanning view of the Japanese garden that is blessed with rich foliage and seasonally blooming flowers. The garden boasts a history of over 400 years, which roughly tallies that of Tour d'Argent Paris, and had once been the property of feudal lord Kiyomasa Kato and then the Ii family that was dominant in the Edo government. With a capacity of up to 30 persons, the room provides an ideal venue for important gatherings in private.


The main dining room is furnished in a style from the Rococo period when Louis XV was in power. The oak wall panels were shipped from France. This was the age when French culinary culture developed and flourished. Until the reign of Louis XIV, royalty and nobility dined in rigid formality, with a large group at the table. However, such frigidness gradually gave way to a more relaxed and intimate style of feasting during Louis XV's time. The concept of course meals was also invented around this period.

To one side of the dining room is a massive marble table, its ornate surfaces resembling elegant drapes of a real tablecloth. On this table is the specially designed press used in the preparation of the very elaborate Sauce Tour d'Argent, which is made by our traditional recipe.